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Quality Machine Tools and Engineered Solutions

Morris South is a division of Morris Group, Inc.  We supply CNC machine tools, tooling, accessories, software, automation, and more to manufacturers of precision machined parts. Our customer base is located in the southeast U.S.  We serve manufacturers in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and the Florida panhandle. Our mission is to help manufacturers from all industry sectors achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by improving productivity. We help you make better parts, less expensively.

New Product! World's First LaserSwiss Machine! 


Tsugami/Rem Sales LaserSwiss


Tsugami Rem Sales and IMG (Innovative Machinery Group) have teamed up to bring you the world's first LaserSwiss machine! No other machine allows you to swiss turn and laser cut small precision parts on the same machine tool.


Click here to learn more about this innovative breakthrough technology - only from Tsugami/Rem Sales and IMG.




Now Available! New Bridgeport CONQUEST  V1000 VMC

Hardinge Group raises the Bar on Vertical Machining Performance and Value 


The Bridgeport CONQUEST V1000 Vertical Machining Center is packed with standard features and competitively priced. It features a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly Mitsubishi M70V control with NAVI MILL Programming and 10.4” LCD.


A rigid cast iron base and triple guide rails permit deep cuts with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The CONQUEST V1000 delivers a rapid traverse of 1692 inches per minute on X and Y axes and 1417 inches per minute on the Z- axis. Increased travel along the Y and Z axes maximizes versatility.  


Watch the video!

Want more information? Contact us. 


Okuma CNC machines are known for their uptime and for delivering many years of constant productivity, because they’re built to last. But things do happen.


Okuma’s New Parts program provides what you need, when you need it, for the lifetime of your machine.


Click here to learn more!