Hardinge to Display Diverse Product Line-Up at IMTS

Hardinge Inc., a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions, announces product highlights for IMTS 2016.

ELMIRA, N.Y. (June 6, 2016) Hardinge Inc., a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions, announces the product highlights for IMTS 2016. Several new machines from its turning, milling and grinding product lines will be exhibited at Booth S-8738.

Hardinge Turning 

The all-new Hardinge TALENT® 51 MSY CNC Turning Center will make its debut at IMTS.  This outstanding machine features the Hardinge quick change Collet-Ready Spindle, which offers better part accuracy and surface finish capabilities as compared with conventional spindles. The machine also comes standard with live tooling, sub spindle and Y-axis to meet the most demanding machining challenges and allow for part-complete operations. The TALENT 51 MSY features a 5,000 RPM 25HP main spindle with 2” bar capacity.  It offers a generous turning diameter of 12.2” and a maximum turning length of 24.9”.  The 12 station turret uses ¾” square shank and 1-1/4” round shank tooling and 6000 RPM maximum live tooling capability is standard.  The turret also provides ½ station index for up to 24 tools. The machine is offered with a Fanuc 0i-TF control packed with a host of standard control features. 

The Hardinge CONQUEST® H51 will be displayed with a newly released hydraulically-operated steady rest.  This new attachment is the ideal tool to support long workpieces without distorting or deflecting the part.  The machine features a 20hp, 5000rpm A2-6” main spindle with a 2” bar capacity. It offers a generous maximum turning diameter of 12.3” and a maximum turning length of 25.5”. The 12 station turret offers ½ station index for up to 24 tools. The machine offers a wide variety of standard features such as through-tool coolant, bar feed, and chip conveyor interfaces, three position stack light, PCMCIA memory card, USB Capability, rigid tapping and many others including state-of-the-art machine crash protection 

Bridgeport Milling

On display for the first time is the new Bridgeport XT 630 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center.  This new- generation machining center is a fully-digital, high-quality machine tool, designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the Aerospace, Mold & Die, Medical and Automotive Industries and many other manufacturing sectors. This machine has been developed to provide a powerful and precise solution to meet the demands of the most demanding metal cutting user.           Manufactured from quality sourced grey cast iron to the highest standards, the Bridgeport XT 630 5-Axis is packed with features.  The machine is offered with a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly Siemens 840D- SL control with a 19” LCD.  Axis travels are X: 762mm (30”) Y: 630mm (24.8”) and Z: 600mm (24”).   Standard machine equipment includes Big Plus CT40 spindle, 15,000 RPM direct-coupled spindle with oil chiller, coolant chip flush system, three color stack light, 40 tool swing-arm ATC, pre-wiring for Renishaw part probe, through-ball screw chiller, preparation for through spindle coolant (with a rotary union) and A & C axis encoder. 

The Bridgeport CONQUEST V480 APC Vertical Machining Center with integrated automatic pallet changer is a very compact yet rugged machine; developed for applications that require speed, accuracy as well as high volume production. The Bridgeport CONQUEST V480 APC features rapid traverse rates of 1,417 inches per minute X, Y and Z and acceleration rates of X: 6m/sec², Y: 4.6 m/sec², Z: 3.75m/sec² providing a fast and accurate response to all your machining needs. The user-friendly Mitsubishi M70V control with NAVI MILL programming is standard.  The Bridgeport CONQUEST V480 APC is ideal for both job shop and OEM and designed with flexibility and throughput in mind. 

The Bridgeport CONQUEST V1000 is packed with features to meet and exceed the requirements of the demanding metal-cutting market. This machine provides very fast rapid traverse of 1692 inches per minute on X&Y axes and 1417 inches per minute on the Z- axis and a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly Mitsubishi M70V control with NAVI MILL programming and 10.4” LCD. The machine features a powerful direct-drive 20HP, 10,000 RPM (12,000 & 15,000 RPM option) spindle motor with 110 ft-lbs of torque, and a 30-tool swing-arm automatic tool changer. The machine is designed for with outstanding rigidity. Large, robust 45mm ball screws provided on all axes and 35mm linear guides are standard on the X-axis with 45 size guides on the Y & Z-axes. 

Hardinge Grinding Group

The Kellenberger VARIA Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine offers outstanding features and capabilities and provides exceptional part surface quality.  The VARIA machine has been recently updated with a larger work space, longer machine table, and the distance between centers of 1600 mm and is now capable of even more comprehensive grinding possibilities. The machine combines functional design with high-precision technology. Hydrostatic guides guarantee maximum dimensional accuracy in grinding tasks with interpolating axes and high positioning speeds and accuracies are assured by direct drives for the rotary axes. 

The Usach 100-T4 CNC Grinding Machine is the ideal machine for grinding both IDs and ODs.  The machine has four high-frequency motors with speeds ranging from 6,000 to 90,000 rpm.   The machine has a swing diameter of up to 17.71” and is offered with the latest Siemens 840D control and Usach Open Architecture software system.  

HARDINGE Workholding

The Hardinge Workholding Group will feature some productivity displays at IMTS: 

Quick Change FlexC Collet Systems

Hardinge Quick Change FlexC Collet Systems provide fast changeover, high accuracy, and a wide gripping range for stock variation when compared to traditional collets. At IMTS we will be displaying a new line of accessories for the FlexC system including ID Gripping Solutions, additional OD Gripping Solutions, special part ejectors and more. Stop by and see what makes Hardinge’s Quick Change Collet system standout from the competition. FlexC is available in 42mm, 65mm, and 80mm sizes and can be installed on all machine brands.

Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems 

ID gripping is made easy with the patented Hardinge Sure-Grip Expanding Collet System. The extremely accurate Hardinge Sure-Grip Expanding Collet provides provisions for part length control built into its design and provides fast change over times.  Also, Hardinge provides custom ID Gripping solutions to meet the most difficult ID Workholding requirements.  When you need to hold the ID of a part turn to Hardinge and “Get a Sure-Grip”! 

Swiss-Style Collets and Guide Bushings

Hardinge manufactures collets and guide bushings for all brands of Swiss-style machines. Our 24 hour delivery on standard collets and guide bushings provides customers Workholding faster than anyone for those quick turnaround jobs.  On display at IMTS will be the full range of Hardinge Swiss Workholding including Overgrip Collets, Meehanite Collets, Carbide Lined Collets, Special Slot Collets & Guide Bushings, Bar Loader Collets and more!  Hardinge collets are precision ground to meet the TIR and Surface Finish specifications required in the Swiss industry. 

About Hardinge Inc. 

Hardinge is a leading global designer and manufacturer of high precision, computer-controlled machine tool solutions developed for critical, hard-to-machine metal parts and of technologically advanced workholding accessories.  The Company’s strategy is to leverage its global brand strength to further penetrate global market opportunities where customers will benefit from the technologically advanced, high quality, reliable products Hardinge produces. With approximately two-thirds of its sales outside of North America, Hardinge serves the worldwide metal working market. Hardinge’s machine tool and accessory solutions can also be found in a broad base of industries to include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, construction, consumer products, defense, energy, medical, technology, and transportation.  

Hardinge applies its engineering design and manufacturing expertise in SUPER- PRECISION® and precision CNC Lathes, high-performance Machining Centers, high-end cylindrical and jig Grinding Machines, and technologically advanced Workholding.  Hardinge has manufacturing operations in China, France, Germany, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

For more information, please visit http://www.hardinge.com