Velocity Products Announces New Line of Ultra-Bright LED Lights

Windsor, CT -Velocity Products, announced today that it will begin selling a line of ultra-bright LED lights intended for the shop floor.  The new lights utilize standard 110V power and are available in three basic configurations: ROMA, for a wide range of uses including machine enclosures; Velocity Stack lights; and V Flex Inspection lights.

"Velocity ultra-bright LED lights are designed and manufactured specifically for use in a machine tool environment,” says vice president Robert L. Bauer.  “They will reliably provide up to 35,000 hours of illumination.”   Each is encased in a single-piece anodized aluminum enclosure that is completely sealed to prevent damage from chips or coolant.  Tempered, clear and frosted lenses are available on select models.   All models feature internal transformers 

A variety of mounting options exist to suit user requirements.  With the exception of the Stack lights, each model features powerful rare earth magnets that will hold securely in even the most extreme environments.  Velocity Stack lights must be bolted to the machine.  Adjustable mounting brackets are available for ROMA series lights.  

ROMA series lights are available in 9 (1,270 LUX), 12 (2,330 LUX) and 18 (2,720 LUX) light configurations.  “LED luminosity is generally reported in LUX, a measure of luminous flux,” explains Bauer.   “It is essentially a measure of the number of lumens produced by the light source within a given area.”  

Velocity Stack lights can emit red, green, yellow, or blue light depending on the LED modules ordered.  Each LED module consists of two rows of (6) LED’s lights.
V Flex Inspection LEDs are available in (1) and (3) LED configurations.  Each model features a 3.14” base and 20” flexible positioning arm.  The V Flex Inspection 1 LED delivers 4,700 LUX in a 4” beam.  The V Flex Inspection 3 LED model delivers 9,000 LUX in a 10” beam.  The Flex Eye LED delivers 4,900 LUX in an 8” beam.

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